A downloadable game

(Disclaimer this is still a work in progress!!!)

The Story

A band of space explorers have stumbled across a derelict spaceship that drifts through space lifelessly. As they delve deep inside a strong energy emitting from a cache of soul crystals causes them to turn on each other. As the greed from each adventurer kicks in they all fight to kill each other in order to take all the soul crystals for themselves and flee! 

A word of caution though! If one absorbs 3 or more soul crystals they will spontaneously combust and die! So be warned… Be the last one standing and escape with the soul crystals and be forever wealthy! and perhaps forever a little bit guilty…

Gameplay (Still in early stages!)

The game is meant for 2-4 players. Each player takes a turn and performs one of the possible actions. When a player ends their turn with 3 or more soul crystals they are knocked out of the game and lose. If a player ever loses all their health tokens they are also knocked out of the game. In order to win the game the player must be the last one standing! 

Further details upon the game will be posted as this side project goes on!