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Hello! This is a small game that I have made during my game dev course in KDU, (Glenmarie).  The premise of the game is that the dwarven kingdom has ransacked your beautiful village! After seeing all your people die in agony, you clench up your fists and march over to the dwarven capital in order to avenge your fallen people. 

The game features some elements from three different genres:

- Beat Em Up

- Roguelike

- Adventure

So as a result I have experimented with the three genres and this game is the result of that! 

Controls - 

Movement - Arrow Keys

Punch Attack - Z 

Jumping - Spacebar

Any form of feedback would be much appreciated! 

Install instructions

Just download the flash file and run it! Have fun!


Dead Punch! V1.0.swf 181 MB

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